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2011-2012 is the online leader for everything basketball in Milwaukee.’s writers have been featured on a variety of news outlets, including ESPN radio, Milwaukee Journal, WSSP and Time Warner Sports 32. is a leader for Marquette and Milwaukee basketball and recruiting news.’s community will continue growing on a daily basis. If you are interested in running an ad campaign and showing your support for our sports community, it’s easy to set up and deliver your message to thousands of fans each and every day. We can customize an ad campaign for your product and get you the absolute best in branding, product awareness, click-through, and can even pre-roll your commercial or put your logo into one of our many videos. Basically – if your business isn’t on – your business just isn’t reaching the entire Milwaukee Metro basketball community. No other Milwaukee based site is as dedicated to basketball, locally owned, produces as much video and offer insight into the programs than can.

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Jim Ganzer, “IWB” – Your business advertises on the site – Jim will make sure everyone knows about it. Not only does Jim have over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, but he has also been a featured guest on radio and television, both on a local and national level. Jim’s expertise is in college basketball recruiting where he has reported for Rivals and Scout. While basketball recruiting may be his specialty, Jim has also done work analyzing NFL rookies for The Sporting News & Fox Sports. Jim is also said to be the undisputed leader for information regarding Marquette basketball. Jim can be reached at

Jimmy Lemke – Jimmy is the mastermind behind the Panther U portion of Jimmy has extensive experience in covering not only Milwaukee Panther basketball, but all Panther sports from men’s & women’s soccer to baseball. Jimmy has been called many things, from the “Mayor of Farwell Avenue” to the “Craziest of the Klotsche Crazies”, but there is no disputing his dedication to Panther Athletics. Jimmy can be reached at

Troy Sparks – Troy is the head of the prep side of the BrewCityBall. Troy has been covering high school, college and pro sports in Wisconsin for 20 years and is also the sports editor for the Milwaukee Community Journal, a weekly minority newspaper. Troy can be reached at

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