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Thread: Butler's officially gone

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    Butler's officially gone

    To the A10.

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    Football drives everything right now. A 10 has an opening because Temple leaves to play football in the Big East and Charlotte is starting football and moving to CUSA.

    Look at Charlotte and ODU - both moving to CUSA as Charlotte is begining football in 2013 and ODU is moving up to D1.

    If Milwaukee had football, or had a date in the near future like Charlotte when they would start football, they would be part of the group of teams moving to CUSA right now. Really too bad as that would be awesome for Milwaukee.
    Goose85, aka "LittleBro"

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    So you think we should definitely go for football then, Goose?

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    Too bad it isn't already in place Jimmy.

    Milwaukee needs something to make it feel like a campus school and help establish a new identity. New on campus hoops facility tied to a football program would really put Milwaukee on the map. Improving overall athletics can have an incredible impact on a school.
    Goose85, aka "LittleBro"

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