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Thread: I have not disappeared

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    I have not disappeared

    So now I am getting blasted from all corners of the internet. I'm a big boy, I understand that and I can deal with it.

    But for some to say I am hiding? That I have disappeared? Not even close. One guy said that yesterday was amateur hour. Really? Amateur? Sorry, I take offense to that, mainly because I know him.

    There was nothing that I tweeted yesterday or that I posted on our premium board that came from a single source. Everything I said was gathered by multiple angles. Not one, not two but multiple.

    I have disappeared? I'm hiding? I went to bed at about 2:00am last night and I grabbed my phone when it first went off this morning at 5:45.

    I had worked this all day yesterday and am not about to sleep on it today. Every source that I got info from yesterday is trying to get more today, but as of now, all has been quiet.

    I will not back down or backtrack from anything I said yesterday. Did things change? Did something go wrong? I do not know, but I will continue to stay on it until I have answers for you.
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    Thanks again for all you do Jim. Takes a special person to cater to crazy people like us

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    Hang in there, IWB. Myself and most here appreciate your efforts. As Forrest Gump once said, "Sh*t happens to Marquette".

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    I posted this on the premium board, but figure it also deserves to be shared here. Here is what Avenue Commons, who everyone on Scoop backs as being legit, posted on Scoop (and this will damn sure corroborate Jim, not that he needed it):

    Here is one thing I can say with absolute clarity and confidence: Shaka Smart indicated to high-level people at Marquette that he was going to take the job. That information trickled down to Marquette employees and spread from there. The information was specific enough that there was a rough timetable as to when things were (maybe still are) to unfold.

    If it doesn't happen, that doesn't mean that many, many people at Marquette were not lead to believe otherwise. The person I talked to is super smart, super decent, and very modest. If they said the timetable was what they knew, then that's what it was.

    THAT is one thing I will never back down on, and all the VCU fans in the world can never convince me otherwise. If they want to believe that this was all a bunch of Cheeseheads in Milwaukeee making things up, then they certainly don't understand Marquette University and its alumni. This is the double edged sword that is the Internet.

    PS: I've said all that I know/heard. Out of respect for everything (and myself, I suppose) I'm refraining from saying anything further.

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    Stay Cool IWB

    All good IWB. Just hang in there. No need to respond to any attacks.

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    Jim - All OK with your work. Something happened. Unfortunate, but that is people not keeping their word. Keep up your good work. I appreciate your efforts on fan's behalf.

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    Jim, is the Shaka Smart thing dead? Is the Ben Howland thing dead? I don't need all the details, I'd just like an update...anything?

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    Pay for the premium board and you will get all the answers
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    Until someone puts ink to paper, deals can always fall apart. Smart, or any employed coach for that matter, can agree verbally then change his mind. Perhaps he had second thoughts having to inform his players and/or current employer. More likely, his current employer is increasing his compensation package, which is exactly what most schools would do, Buzz excluded. The longer he remains in Richmond, the more likely the heartstrings are being pulled.

    Lots of moving parts and whomever spoke on behalf of MU to IWB was likely premature.

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    Two things -

    94Warrior - No, neither guy is 'dead'. I firmly believe MU is still working on both.

    79Warrior - None of my sources yesterday spoke on behalf of MU. None of my sources yesterday were from MU.
    "When March Madness spills into April.... that's the gravy!" - Homer Simpson

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