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Thread: Vander signed by Boston

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    Vander signed by Boston

    10-day contract.

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    Good for Van! Hope he gets a sniff.

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    Awesome, I guess Brad Stevens may have remembered Vander, from his plays against Butler last year.

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    He played 4 mins tonight and got 2 pts and 2 rebs...

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    So that is 7 MU players appearing in the NBA this year right? Wade, Novak, Wesley, Jimmy, Jae, DB and now Vander? DJO would make it 8 which would be the most since the '70' s I think.

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    Nice to see him get a few minutes right away. Here's his line:

    4 mins, 2 points, 1/2 FG%, 0/2 FT%, 2 Rebounds, 1 Assist, 2 Turnovers

    Not a bad debut. Here's hoping he continues to get chances going forward.

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    He missed both free-throws?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamostradamus View Post
    Good sign that he played in the first half.

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    Interesting to me that Vander ended Brad Stevens' college career and Brad started Blue's NBA career.

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