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Thread: West Coast and NCAA

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    West Coast and NCAA

    The only two teams west of the Mississippi River are Baylor and Kansas. Hardly what I would conisider west coast teams.

    Wow, no team outside of the eastern and central time zones still playing.

    What is up with west coast hoops? No wonder Juan wanted to come east to play ball.

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    Teams left by state & conference....

    Ohio - 4 (Xavier, Ohio, Ohio State, Cincinnati)
    Kentucky - 2 (Kentucky & Louisville)
    North Carolina - 2 (UNC, NC State)
    Wisconsin - 2 (Marquette, Wisconsin)
    Florida - 1 (Florida)
    Indiana - 1 (Indiana)
    Kansas - 1 (Kansas)
    Michigan - 1 (Michigan State)
    New York - 1 (Syracuse)
    Texas - 1 (Baylor)

    Big East - 4 (Cincinnati, Louisville, Marquette, Syracuse)
    Big 10 - 4 (Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin)
    ACC - 2 (North Carolina, North Carolina State,)
    Big XII - 2 (Baylor, Kansas)
    SEC - 2 (Florida, Kentucky)
    Atlantic 10 - 1 (Xavier)
    MAAC - 1 (Ohio)
    "When March Madness spills into April.... that's the gravy!" - Homer Simpson

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    My friends and I jokingly said that there were 10 teams west of the Rocky Mountains better than the best team in the Pac 12.....
    Long Beach St
    Colorado St
    Utah St
    St. Marys
    New Mexico
    New Mexico St

    may be a bit of a stretch....but shows you how pathetic the pac 12 really was this year

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