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Thread: It's finally official...

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    It's finally official...

    Goodbye old friends...we hardly knew you.

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    Every ESPN story plays the angle of "what is going to happen to the school left behind?" Is that because those schools have a contract with ESPN?

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    ESPN matched it from NBC two weeks ago. America 12 will be on ESPN.

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    From MU release:

    “After many months of thoughtful dialogue with the presidents and athletic directors of the other six basketball schools, we are excited to start this new era of excellence in intercollegiate athletics – a move that will allow us to enhance the elite status of our athletic programs, led by men’s basketball. We look forward to taking this positive step toward ensuring that all our student athletes continue to compete at the highest levels. I want to personally thank Father Pilarz for his leadership in this transition, as well as our loyal fans for their unwavering enthusiasm and support.”

    Larry Williams
    Vice President for Athletics and Athletic Director

    Marquette University
    "When March Madness spills into April.... that's the gravy!" - Homer Simpson

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