With the loss to Nova it just makes Mondays game against Syracuse that much more important, if we win all is back to normal, we will be tied for 2nd with Louisville and if Syracuse can close by beating UL and G'town we'd still have our shot at a 1st place tie. If we lose we fall into trouble of losing the double bye for the Big East tournament, we lose the nations 2nd longest home winning streak, I believe we would be all but eliminated from the conference title race, and while they don't look at last 10 anymore I'm certain a stumble down the stretch would hurt our seeding come March.

Now it's not the end of the world, but it's a far cry from where we were all talking about before the Nova game. This ones a big one for me, I firmly believe this season was a success either way, that said with that success I had readjusted my hopes and would love to see MU beat the traders from Syracuse and hold that home court winning streak!