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Thread: How to become a Premium member

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    How to become a Premium member

    I've had a few people in recent days ask how to become a Premium Member for PantherU, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a guide to becoming one.

    Step 1: Visit this page. Set up your account, just like you would on any message board.

    Step 2: Go to this page and choose your plan. For students, you can get the PantherU Student Section price of $10 that allows you to access the Klotsche Krazies forum and Premium board. All other fans can become Premium members for the low annual price of $25 - or just $2.08 per month - and get access to the Premium forum, where we put out all breaking news before anywhere else, follow developing stories and take part in private discussion.

    What are some of the stories that PantherU has broken first to Premium subscribers in the past year?

    - The 2012-13 schedule
    - Rick Costello's departure
    - Opening of the Athletic Director position
    - Naming Paul Plinske as a major candidate early on
    - The recruitment of Matt Tiby
    - Details behind the arrest and ticketing of basketball players in the fall
    - Ronnie Jones departure as assistant coach
    - And more...

    We follow the stories that big media is unwilling to chase. We bring you news that you can't get anywhere else.

    Subscribe now and support PantherU in its efforts to bring the Milwaukee Panthers fan base the best coverage of any program in college athletics.

    I should note that I'll have to approve your premium membership before you can start posting in the Premium forums; let me know you've signed up by e-mailing me at or by tweeting me @PantherU, both get to me very fast.
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