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    60-50 UIC wins,19-0 run by flames to end game - Milwaukee 8 points in 2nd half- blew a 19 point lead. No FG in last 9:39, 0-14 fom 3 in 2nd,1 point from Aaron and Gulley in 2nd half...the shot selections and spacing and game plan were horrible in the 2nd half....worst display of Milwaukee basketball in a half in 15 years at least, was that 8 points a record for lowest point total in a half

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrewCityItalian View Post
    was that 8 points a record for lowest point total in a half
    Yup...previous record low was 12!!!

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    I'm going outside to cool off.

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    Points in the Paint --UIC 32 -Milwaukee- 18 -- check that 0-17 from 3 in 2nd half

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    The 8 points in the 2nd half for Milwaukee set a new #HLMBB record for fewest points in a half.

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    wow, just shocking, ugliest half of ball i have ever seen in college d - 1

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    Already set on printing 3,500 sheets of paper that just say 0-17 and have everyone just hold them up when the Panthers take the court Friday.

    No cheers, no boos, just hold up 0-17...

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    With the season already lost, who does Jeter bench now? Might as well start looking forward to the future because this group doesn't deserve much more support. Unfortunately, anybody worth keeping is probably dying to transfer now.

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    i think the number 8 is a much better number to print

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    Story is up on

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