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Thread: Trips to Valpo

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    Trips to Valpo

    Hey everyone, use this thread to organize trips to Valpo this weekend. Refer to the Travel Guide for hotels/restaurants.

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    I'm a no-go this year, so hopefully everyone who goes has a safe, fun trip and brings back a couple wins.

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    So I talked to Costello. He said he needs students to show interest that they'd want to go in order for us to get a fan bus for (I'm assuming), students, alumni and general fans. Students would probably ride free. The rest would probably ride free too, just need to pay for their own ticket. I have no specifics, but the bus would leave at 3 at the latest (preferably 2:00 or 2:30) just to be there and be ready early. This would mean the bus would go back that night after the game. If we win, there would most likely be a bus again on Saturday. But first and foremost, we need people to say that they'll go, so we can get a bus first.

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    If the bus were to leave any earlier than 2, I'd probably be out. Jose has two rooms reserved at Valpo to stay over friday night as well, so that could have been avoided had we known the bus option sooner. I guess I don't want to commit to taking the bus until I know for sure there is one.

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    Addendum: As long as Jose isn't stuck with the hotel rooms, I'm all in for taking the bus. As long as it leaves between 2-3.

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    Costello didn't want to jinx us by having a bus prior to our win. Now he just needs confirmation that students/fans/alumni are interested in going, so he doesn't waste money on a bus for 10 people. I'm assuming we need to have at least 25 people to say they'll go if a bus is provided. On the Jeter's Jungle account, I'm up to roughly 12-15 people who would take a fan bus if it's provided.

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    I was just told by Keerin Pinch that they will charge something for the bus ride. Waiting for more info

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    Ok, so... Keerin told me that "they" (I'm guessing the Athletic Department) is asking people to pay $20 per person (not including a ticket for alumni/fans withouth college ID) just to ride on the bus.

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    When you consider that gas is at $4.60 per gallon, not to mention the Illinois tolls, $20 isn't too bad.
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    CSU is only asking $10 per person and they have to travel twice as far.

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