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    No. There won't be anything available. Probably better there won't be one available. Better we all just put it behind us and look forward to UNI and hope for better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit of Bruce View Post
    I just want to go on record by saying I owe JJ Panoske an apology. My comment yesterday was wrong-headed.
    I don't think there's an issue. You did a good thing apologizing, but I'm sure there's no hard feelings. I didn't feel like the incompetent remark was pointed at JJ as much as it was at Jeter. "Apparently he's incompetent" sounded to me like you were questioning Jeter's assessment of his player.

    No worries, bygones be bygones.

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    Yeah. You are probably right. I don't know what I was hoping to see on the tape that would make me fewl better. Maybe I was hoping to see a different game being played. One where we won. Haha. Oh well
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