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    Looking Forward

    Love the comments from Lillard. He is excited for what is to come. He was traded a few days before training camp and couldn't conduct his regular workouts while Portland was seeking a trade partner. Get more settled in Milwaukee, get past his divorce, work with Giannis and others in the offseason. Giannis/Dame/Middleton get more comfortable with what Doc wants to do.
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    Doc Rivers, rightfully so, has received his fair share of criticism as a coach (blown 3-1 series leads). However, he has also been to 2 NBA Finals with 1 championship. COY honors in Orlando. Similar to Dame, love the comments on how the city of Milwaukee has special meaning to him and I would really like to see him win another championship here to go along with Dame's first and Giannis', Khris', Brook's, Bobby's, Pat's 2nd.
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    (1) Your core, with next season's ages, is still Giannis (30), Lillard (34), Middleton (33), Lopez (36). Portis will be 30, Connaughton will be 32. Chris Paul played in the 2021 NBA Finals at age 36. There is still a window but need better luck with health.

    (2) Other than the core, have to get more athletic and quicker at the other roster spots. Tough question, do you stick with Portis or try to turn him into 2 players that maybe aren't as good of scorers but are better defenders.......3 and D, become a deeper team. Maybe you simply keep Portis and chalk it up to the fact you never had Giannis/Dame/Middleton all together? I think Andre Jackson, with continued improvement, can be a valuable piece with his length and athleticism (underrated playmaking).

    (3) Time to move on from Jae Crowder, had a good NBA career. Might have something there with AJ Green.

    (4) The NBA is trying to crack down on load management, but how do you not try to rest Giannis/Dame/Khris as much as possible with 2-3 weeks left in the regular season next year? 2 postseasons in a row Giannis gets injured right before the playoffs or in game 1 of the playoffs.

    (5) Doc Rivers has received plenty of criticism (some deserved, blown 3-1 series leads, but never had the top talent in the conference). I really want to see him win another championship in Milwaukee to go along with Dame's first.......Giannis/Khris/Brook/Bobby/Pat to get their 2nd.

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    Darvin Ham returns to the Bucks as the top assistant under Doc Rivers.

    Very nice get for the Bucks. He always had a great relationship with the players and especially Giannis.

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    Rumors of the Bucks looking to move on from Brook Lopez, play a more versatile style of defense:

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    I think the Bucks can actually get two guys in the draft tonight that will actually play.

    Just need to see who is available where they pick. Could it be DaRon Holmes, Ware, maybe Tyler Smith. I like McCullar or Dadiet in round 2. Scheierman is interesting too.

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    Not much the Bucks can do in Free Agency.......trades would be the main option.

    That being said, Delon Wright agrees to a 1-year deal.

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    This is a very nice move......Gary Trent to the Bucks on a 1-year prove it deal. Lillard was pushing hard to get him.
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