Not just the west coast trip, but the next 7 games against playoff caliber teams with winning records. Having won 6 in a row, really like the way the defense is taking shape. Portis and Lillard were amazing the other night without Giannis.

Patrick Beverley brings about memories of the PJ Tucker acquisition. Not only his defense, but the demeanor he brings to each game is evident. Appears to be a good thing for this team. AJ Green showing his value, like a bigger and stronger Steve Kerr. They are being very strategic with Middleton.....don't want to wait too long, need to re-establish chemistry and playing your best basketball heading into round 1 of the playoffs.

3/6 - @Golden State
3/8 - @LA Lakers
3/10 - @LA Clippers
3/12 - @Sacramento
3/14 - Philly
3/17 - Phoenix
3/20 - @Boston