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Thread: Trade Deadline

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    Trade Deadline

    February 8 (2pm CT)

    De'Andre Hunter one rumored name Bucks are interested in. The Bucks could use a relatively young 3 and D player in the 6'7"-6'9" range, with more of an emphasis on defense. However, a lot of teams in the market for that as well. Would you be willing to part with Bobby Portis for a player like Hunter? Is there enough offense with Lillard, Middleton, Giannis, B Lopez, etc? Lillard and Beasley is a fairly weak starting defensive backcourt.

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    Patrick Beverley to the Bucks for Cam Payne and a 2nd-round pick (2027). Nice move, very good defensive guard.

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    I hope the Bucks can still get Andrew Wiggins. While I would rather not lose Bobby Portis, Wiggins at 28 with his size (6'8") and athletic ability can defend a Tatum or Jaylen Brown. Wiggins was the 2nd best player against Boston in the 2022 NBA Finals.

    The Celtics are the clear favorites. Portis is a great player, but has never been a huge factor in playoff series against the Celtics. If not Wiggins, a defensive minded wing with size would be big.

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