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Thread: 23-24 GM Survey

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    23-24 GM Survey

    *Bucks (23%) are 3rd behind Denver (33%) and Boston (33%) as favorites to win the championship
    *Bucks picked to finish 2nd behind Boston in the East
    *Bucks (23%) tied with Boston (23%) for the team with the best offseason moves
    *Bucks (7%) finished 5th under team that will have the most efficient offense
    *Bucks received votes for the team most fun to watch
    *Bucks (13%) voted the 3rd best defensive team in the NBA behind Boston (47%) and Memphis (17%)
    *Lillard acquisition (47%) easily considered the one move that will make the biggest impact

    *Giannis 2nd for 23-24 MVP
    *Giannis (13%) 3rd for player you would choose to start a franchise today (behind Jokic [33%] and Wembanyama [23%])
    *Giannis (13%) 3rd for player that forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments
    *Giannis (97%) overwhelmingly voted best PF
    *Giannis (40%) easily selected the best defensive player
    *Giannis (37%) selected as the most versatile defender
    *Giannis (28%) voted 2nd most athletic player behind Ja Morant
    *Giannis (45%) considered the most versatile player
    *Brook Lopez (17%) tied for 2nd as best interior defender
    *Khris Middleton (3%) finished 4th for player best moving off the ball
    *Lillard (3%) 4th for best PG in the NBA
    *Lillard (7%) tied for 4th as best leader with Giannis also receiving votes
    *Lillard (17%) finished 3rd for player you want taking a shot with the game on the line

    *Adrian Griffin (7%) tied for 4th as new/relocated coach that will make the biggest impact
    *Terry Stotts (10%) tied for 2nd as best assistant coach
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    I can see the love for Boston after getting Holiday, however, I don't think many take into account depth here.

    After Boston's top 6, it seems they will be relying on Hauser, Pritchard, Kornet. Not really familiar with the rest.

    The NBA is a long season, and Boston will need some load management with the oft injured Porzingis and the 37 year old Horford and likely Holiday too.

    I think, and hope for the Bucks sake, that our depth will be the difference in a long season and playoff series.

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