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Thread: Bucks add Cam Payne

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    Bucks add Cam Payne

    Got to give it to Horst, the Bucks are not sitting still heading into the season.

    Adding Cam Payne give the Bucks depth they need in the backcourt, and that depth also comes with playoff experience too.

    The Bucks not only have possibly the best starting 5, have some talented depth too.

    Starters: Lillard, Connaughton, Middleton, Giannis, B. Lopez

    Depth: Legit depth for each position in guys like Portis, Beasley, Payne, R. Lopez, Crowder.
    Also have young guys like Beauchamp (hopefully he takes a step up), Jackson (rookie who can give you regular season minutes), and Livingston.

    Overall, Bucks should have no problem getting a top 3 seed, so it will be interesting how they handle / how much trouble they get into with the NBA on taking load management days during the season.

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    Another nice addition, I liked him in the 2021 NBA Finals. I even forgot about Robin Lopez. Depth for the regular season, but most importantly, the Lillard addition is still what makes this all so great. You have Lillard and Middleton that can score on all 3 levels.....come the 4th QTR, Giannis can be the roller (in the pick-and-roll) with Lillard or Middleton.

    Between the Bucks and Marquette, this could be a really exciting season of basketball in Milwaukee.

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    I still think B Lopez could be a huge inside force on offense as he is such as matchup challenge for most.

    Middleton should have a huge year with defenses focusing so much on Giannis and Lillard. He will really be tough with less defensive focus.

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