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Thread: OT Bucks hiring Adrian Griffin

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    I guess the Bucks and Giannis think he is the guy that can get them a shot at the title next year and the year after.

    Admittedly, I don't really have much of an opinion on this guy. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    My thoughts:

    (1) From the outside looking in, not excited with the hire nor the list of 3 finalists. If it was to be the assistant coach route, my preferred candidate was Chris Quinn. The player development in Miami (so many undrafted players contributing) has been off the charts, the tactical brilliance (effectively utilizing the zone defense against Boston's 3-point shooting at the break line and top of the key), emphasizing playing off of two feet, and creative half-court offense which sometimes became a struggle for Milwaukee in the playoffs. I just felt Quinn would have been able to bring some fresh, new ideas to a talented group in Milwaukee that already has a high floor and knows how to win.

    (2) Adrian Griffin has certainly paid his dues (15 years as an assistant coach with the last 5 as associate head coach). No doubt he has earned the opportunity. I hope it works out beautifully and the Bucks win more championships. He has worked under some good coaches (Skiles, Thibodeau) and was credited with helping develop Jimmy Butler while in Chicago. He is only 48 and as a first-time head coach should bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm which Bud sometimes appeared to lack (Bud seemed annoyed with being pushed in the 1st round).

    (3) A concern with Adrian Griffin, over the last 5 years in Toronto (outside of Kawhi in 2019), they always seemed to underperform yet had a group of players (VanVleet, Anunoby, Siakam, Barnes) always sought after at the trade deadline. Maybe that falls more on Nick Nurse who was calling the shots.

    (4) Sounds like Giannis had a lot to say in the decision and Griffin was his guy (Middleton to a lesser extent). Giannis can become a free agent in July of 2025. There is always the element of doing whatever it takes to keep Giannis happy. I am sure some of that came into play with this hire.

    (5) This core group (Giannis, Middleton, Holiday, Lopez, Portis, Connaughton, Allen) has a very high floor and practically guarantees 50 wins every season. They are savvy veterans that know how to play. Adrian Griffin doesn't have to be a miracle worker. His most important role, IMO, is improving the half-court offense come playoff time when the game slows down and defenses are set. Utilizing Giannis more at the free throw line area, wide post, and as the screener in the pick-and-roll. Under Bud, the offense seemed too simplistic come playoff time. Giannis just coming off a screen at the top of the key looking to go all the way to the rim or spray it out to shooters. Top teams/coaches have figured out how to defend that. In addition, being more willing to adjust defensively in the playoffs.

    (6) The players, collectively, need to have a great offseason and get in the best shape of their careers. In part due to injury, Giannis wasn't great in the series against Miami. Way too many missed FTs in Game 5 and didn't seem comfortable looking to score outside of a dunk or layup. He needs to continue to diversify his game. Middleton's conditioning did not look to be at a playoff level. He is only 31/32. Miami prides itself on being the best conditioned team and the toughest team. Milwaukee needs that kind of an offseason and then a season where nobody gets injured significantly.

    (7) The next 2 years are going to be very interesting. Giannis got the coach that he wanted and now some of the responsibility falls on the players to get it done. Giannis is a loyal guy, hopefully he is in Milwaukee beyond the next 2 years. If Griffin doesn't show to have what it simply move on but benefit from having gone with the guy Giannis preferred.
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