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Thread: West Coast Trip

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    West Coast Trip

    Nice win Monday @Denver to make it 5 wins in a row.

    @Phoenix tonight, love their team with Devin Booker, DeAndre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Chris Paul, Jae Crowder and Dario Saric. They are my sleeper in the West to make the conference finals.

    Then @Utah Friday, the Jazz own the best record in the NBA at 20-5 and already defeated the Bucks earlier in the season. Finished off Sunday @OKC.

    A good test to see where this Bucks team is at.

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    Not sure if anyone caught the end of the Phoenix game?

    Interesting call to give Giannis the ball around mid-court and dribble into a mid-range jump shot with a little under 3 seconds left. Middleton wide-open in the corner and much better suited for situations such as these.

    I think if this team is to accomplish their goals come playoff time, Giannis has to become more consistent as a scorer in the post and from mid-range. He needs to expand his game. Everything can't be a dunk. He will put up gaudy numbers in the regular season, but will be fool's gold come playoff time when the game slows down and becomes more of a half-court affair.

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    It's a regular season game in February. He needs to get comfortable taking the big shots, and frankly, they don't play a ton of close games. Woulda been nice to win, but I don't have a big issue with the end of the game.

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    The end of the game was the topic of discussion on Sirius XM NBA Radio this morning. Tim Legler jokingly said "Giannis already signed.....under 3 seconds, probably going to be a jump shot, should go to Middleton."

    I agree with the aspect of preparing Giannis to be a closer, but he isn't catching Middleton any time soon in terms of mid-range or 3-point shots off the dribble with under 3 seconds remaining. Different story if the inbounds pass goes to Giannis on the block in that situation.

    Giannis had an impressive game with 47, 11 and 5. He just needs to become more consistent with his jump shot and post moves (that don't result in a dunk).

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    I think the bigger problem is that they had another stretch where the defense absolutely fell apart, and it swung the game. They were in total control, then gave up a bunch of open looks. PHX hits five threes and goes on a 20-2 run in 4 minutes.

    They have a real issue with Brook. He's tough to scheme around defensively, and doesn't give you a ton on the glass. I wonder if there's a deal out there to get a more versatile big.

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