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Thread: Bucks Making Big Moves

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    Bucks Making Big Moves

    Trade Bledsoe, Hill and 3 draft picks for Holiday. Means Holiday better stay after next season. If he does, looks like a good trade to make a move this season.

    Traded for Bogdanovic, and only had to give up DiVencenzo. I hate parting with Donte, but you have to give something to get something.

    Bucks going all in. Hope Wes comes back as his D was top notch in the playoffs.

    Overall, good moves and hopefully ones that keep Giannis in MKE long term.

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    I like the moves, especially being able to add both Holiday and Bogdanovic. Bucks had to shake things up. Only players I'll miss are George Hill and Divincenzo. Draft picks are uncertain, especially in the latter 1/3 of the first round. Bucks didn't have to give up Middleton or B Lopez, giving them arguably the best starting 5 in the NBA.

    The depth takes a bit of a hit, but they can be creative filling out their bench. Some players might take less for a shot at a championship.

    Now all eyes on Giannis, and with training camps eligible to start December 1, it might not be long before he signs the super-max.

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    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing Caribou.

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