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Thread: Giannis

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    Dude, you seem to be arguing about something where no one is suggesting anything different. Sorry you got so bent out of shape on my bad Thunder analogy. Try to calm down now.
    I'm extremely calm. Thank you for your concern.

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    So...uhh...Thunder discussion aside, what do the Bucks need to do to get over the hump? I feel like part of the problem was that they didn't have a steadying presence down the stretch. Giannis couldn't convert at the line and no one else seemed willing or able to step up and hit the big shots the way that Jimmy did for the Heat.

    I think someone like Paul would be great for this roster. He can create a shot for himself or others. Can they get him without giving up Middleton? And while it might be unrealistic, if they are willing to go into luxury tax, making a push at Brandon Ingram may be worthwhile (presumably K-Mid in a sign & trade). That way if Giannis does leave, they have a building block for the future. Fred Van Vleet might also be worth a look, he can hit the big shot and has certainly killed the Bucks enough in the past. The NBA isn't nearly my game as much and I usually tune in around this time of year more than anything, so I'm not sure if any of that is realistic.

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    The plan:

    Bledsoe to the Lakers for Danny Green (he's on an expiring for like $16m)


    Green, George Hill, Ilysova, DJ Wilson to the Thunder for Paul

    The player compensation sucks for sure, but OKC does it because it saves them like $50 million in total salaries. Everyone but Hill is an expiring and he's only 2 more years before expiring. I think that will matter this year more than anything. OKC isn't exactly a large market

    Then flip Brook Lopez to the Rockets for Covington. Salaries match up well. With no D'Antoni (and maybe no Darryl Morey either), the super small ball thing might be over. Heck Brook can still play wide for them, but now they have some rim protection as well.

    Giannis is now the full time 5. Play him at the high post/elbow. Run pick and rolls with him and CP like Jokic and Murray did last night. Spread shooters around that. Giannis is a good enough passer to make plays from that set, and now you've taken away his "plow into three guys and try the spin move" thing that stopped working against the Heat.

    And for god's sake, get those 3 perimeter players moving off ball, screening for each other. I was just screaming at my TV watching Giannis try to drive through 3-4 people while the other 4 guys stood still behind the 3 point line with their hands out waiting for the kick out pass. That became very easy to defend.

    Try to grab a couple guys like Crowder and/or Millsap with the mid level exception $.


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