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Thread: Trade Rumors

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    "When March Madness spills into April.... that's the gravy!" - Homer Simpson

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    Why would the Bucks consider that - that Giannis might leave so you can at least get a high quality player in return?

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    Not happnin, no matter how much they want to push this narrative.

    I think Giannis goes the KD route, signs a two year deal, and delays this conversation a little longer.

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    I hope Giannis stays long term in Milwaukee. If for some reason he doesn't, we would need a huge haul in return.

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    Not buying it. Only way the Bucks would even consider this is if Giannis flat-out told them he is not re-signing with Milwaukee. Then you try to salvage something. By all indications, Giannis is very happy and the Bucks are winning with a great coach and culture. Golden State could be floating this out there or people in the NBA that love stars in big markets.

    Middleton is 28 and just signed a multi-year deal. People tend to forget that Klay Thompson is 30, Steph Curry is 32. Golden State's best days might be behind them. I think Giannis stays in Milwaukee.

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