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Thread: Giannis' 3-point Shot

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    Giannis' 3-point Shot

    Now shooting 33.8% from beyond the arc on 145 attempts ( Relative to his previous seasons, that is a big deal. I had my doubts 2 years ago that he would ever be able to shoot the 3. He started showing signs last season. His shot is looking much more fluid and comfortable this year. Kenny Smith calls it "muscle memory " kicking in. A lot of credit to the coaching staff (Ben Sullivan) and supposedly Kyle Korver with re-engineering his shot. 5 of 8 from beyond the arc in a marquee game on national TV against the Lakers was big. This feels like a special season, and Giannis just turned 25. Some good stuff from last night's big win: (Pre-game prep )

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    Giannis will become almost impossible to guard for most teams if he can hit from 3.

    This team is deep and are playing well together. Might not show up big in the box score, but Wes has been playing some really good D, normally on the other teams top dog.

    Agree MUFAN2003, this does feel like a special season, and I plan to enjoy the ride watching this team.

    I remember when this happened to the Brewers, and now I see it with the Bucks.

    Leading into their playoff runs with Fielder, Braun, etc you started to see Brewers gear being worn all over town, and not just to Brewer games.
    I'm seeing the same thing, starting last year, with the Bucks. You see people in Bucks gear all over the place.

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