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Thread: Let's Get This B*tch Started! But Really, It's Just Pro Wrestling

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    Let's Get This B*tch Started! But Really, It's Just Pro Wrestling

    Time to get this MU season started!!! But, this year I've decided not to worry about conference championships, NCAA bids, and especially national championships. Instead I'm just going to enjoy what this particular team that Marquette has to offer and watch it develop and get better. My change in philosophical approach has nothing to do with the transfers of Sourdough and Cornbread (aka The Hauser Brothers) from Marquette. Rather, it has to with the ridiculously lackluster performance of the NCAA as an investigation and enforcement agency to punish the elite programs in college basketball that cheat. These are programs that have been blatantly caught doing so and nothing happens. Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona, DePaul (kidding), etc. I could go on and on...

    When I was a kid I was fortunate enough to witness the golden age of wrestling on the 1970's and 80's. Yet, the thing that would drive me the most crazy was when a heal (bad guy) would fight dirty or cheat to win and the referee would always have his back turned at that exact moment. Furthermore, nothing was ever done to rectify the wrong, even though every single person in the building and on TV saw the guy cheating to win the match. Wow, did that injustice (the lack of a proper investigation and enforcement) drive me crazy!

    It was only years later as a young adult that I began to mature and understand the psychology of wrestling; the fact that they wanted me to feel that way...because that feeling made me want to keep comin' back for more. For example, maybe...just maybe...this next time will be the match where justice finally prevails! Well, as I stated I grew up, matured, and now understand the trick; the NCAA has now pulled the same trick too many times in my lifetime for me to really care anymore. They are all about money. Period.

    As a result of the NCAA, I now view college basketball like professional wrestling. Some on this board won't agree with this metaphor, but when one thinks deeply about it they can see that this is not an overstatement or hyperbole. I will cheer for these kids at the 'Quette and I will enjoy watching them improve and get better. However, I will no longer cheer for championships because the NCAA has proven that at a micro level they are no better than a professional wrestling referee and at a macro level college basketball continues to look more and more like it is no better than professional wrestling.

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    DB2, those guys did not even need to cheat or play dirty. Those matches were fixed and a lot of the “action” and blood&guts were #fakenews.

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