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Thread: Wesley Last Night

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    Wesley Last Night

    More than a decent game in his Bucks debut with the exception of a questionable 3-point shot attempt down the stretch.

    Impressive come back by the Bucks. Harden and Westbrook mixing it up with each other - will be interesting to see how that pairing will do for the long haul! I have my doubts.

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    Wes was great last night. He drew the assignment of being the first line of defense against Harden for much of the 2nd half. As fun as last year's team was to pull for, having a MU great starting on this year's team makes it even more enjoyable. Some concerns, but great to come away with a win after being down 16.

    Nice call by Budenholzer in the 4th quarter, making Houston pay for playing small, consistently going to Brook Lopez in the post. Lopez hit cutters, spot-up shooters or finished himself. This NBA season is really intriguing. No "super teams." The stars are evenly spread throughout the league. As many as 8 or 9 teams can say they have a chance to win it all: Milwaukee, Philly, Boston, Clippers, Lakers, Utah, Denver, Houston, Portland.

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