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Thread: Student tickets

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    Here is the problem with numbers some don't understand. The student section has almost 3,000 seats all in the lower bowl. Many schools don't have student section that big. For example, the Kohl Center student section seats 2,100 over three decks. So, if MU's section is only half full we are still talking 1,500 students at the game. If that happens during the school week, that is really a good turnout. Yet, people don't understand the numbers and thinks it sucks.
    March Madness starts in November

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    Good points Panther. In my opinion, here is when the students should be there in force...

    1) First two games of the year, regardless of opponents.

    2) Weekend games, regardless of the opponent.

    3) Big East games or big non-con games, regardless of date.

    So looking at this season... They can no-show at St. Norbert's, Jacksonville & Grambling, all others should be a strong showing.
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    One thing MU had going in the Conf. USA days was that the big TV game during the week landed on a Thursday. Most students don't sign up for many classes on Friday's. Which made a big student turnout on a Thursday night.
    March Madness starts in November

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