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Thread: Student tickets

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    Student tickets


    Do these things always sell out this quickly?

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    With less seats in the Fiserv, Iíd imagine it happened quicker than in the past. I assume it was pretty quick last year.
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    Still seems like it went really quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markedman View Post

    Do these things always sell out this quickly?
    I just saw this right now. Wow, that was fast. That was not the case last year. As the push went into October. Last season, MU sold 3,100 student season tickets for 2,900 seats.
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    So, the answer I got is that they can sell-out the section now. So, it sold out last year. Sending the message of demand to the students. Plus doing early renewal in spring and freshman orientations
    March Madness starts in November

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    Let’s hope they show up now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrwinFletcher View Post
    Letís hope they show up now.'s one thing to puff your chest out about selling all the student tickets that quickly, and brag to your friends how you have season tickets. But now you need to show up...every game.

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    Glad to see that there's still good enthusiasm with the student fans. Not sure of it will be the same for the others (and I'll cop to being partially guilty of that), as this is a very pivotal year for the program.

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    August hasn't even turned to September and people are already bitching about the students.

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    When you look at the school size, that is a pretty darn good percentage of students that bought tickets.

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