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Thread: The Giannis Rules

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    The Giannis Rules

    Thought this was interesting. Discusses how the Raptors defended Giannis in the ECF. With Giannis as a de facto PG, having the ball in his hands often, it highlights some of the shortcomings of Bledsoe at PG, who is not a great perimeter shooter (even though he had a great year).

    As Giannis continues to develop his perimeter shooting, and round out his game, it is important to have 4 shooters around him. I think it is also fair to say that Giannis did not handle some of the double teams well either in that series. Like Jordan's struggles against Detroit early in his career, the hope has to be that Giannis (only 24) will learn from that experience and be better next time around.

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    Good read. Thanks Caribou.

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    Round of 16 in the FIBA World Cup, USA vs Greece. Tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Plenty of Bucks flavor, Giannis and Thanasis with Greece while Middleton and Lopez are on Team USA.

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