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Thread: Scion Star of the Night Double Feature

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    Talking Scion Star of the Night Double Feature

    We've got a pair of Scion Star of the Night feature presentations for you (due only to a ridiculously busy week on my part that kept me from doing last Saturday's feature until tonight).

    Day Four Feature: Dejuante Wade
    Our first-ever two-time Scion Star of the Night is Dejuante Wade, who took home the honors on the final day of the 2011 tournament at the Al McGuire Center, then grabbed the title again as his team topped Scion Dental, 90-77, at Greenfield High School on Saturday afternoon. Wade talks about keeping things a family affair and what he brings to the table for the tournament in this feature, hosted by Dan Pfeifer.

    Day Five Feature: Davante Gardner
    Certain players give you a great preview of their coming college season in the Scion Dental Milwaukee Summer Pro-Am. Dwight Buycks and Junior Cadougan come to mind in this regard, as does Davante Gardner, who first took looks beyond the three-point line in the Pro-Am before he started surprising fans with them for Marquette on the Al McGuire Court. Here's Davante talking about the Pro-Am and his game after he scored 33 points to lead Hodan, Doster & Ganzer, S.C. to a 102-95 victory over Robert W. Baird on Day Five of the 2012 tournament.

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    FYI, I know the audio on Davante is a little rough, but it's better than it was before I started to edit it. It's tough for me to tell guys who are a foot and a half taller than me to do anything, but if I could pick one and only thing, it would be to speak up.

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