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Thread: Bucks Off Season Moves

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    Bucks Off Season Moves

    I think the Bucks have actually had an outstanding off season of moves thus far, with the key being a focus on both winning now, and doing so in a way that will hopefully keep Giannis in MKE for another contract.

    Kept the team in place that reached the Eastern Conference Finals. Giannis should be happy with that, as should Bucks fans.

    For the number of free agents we had, really only losing one is pretty good (didn't count Mirotic who decided to go to Europe). Moving Brogdon may have been the only way to add future picks to the team which is important for both future flexibility (trade chips) or adding low price players in the future.

    Added both Lopez and Matthews to the team. Lopez very good depth in the middle. Matthews can certainly pick up for Brogdon and is a really inexpensive skilled vet. Both are good guys that should fit in well with the team too. I think team chemistry is important for this group.

    Interesting point about the players we resigned.
    Giannis is a free agent after next the 20-21 season.
    Bledsoe / Lopez / Middleton / Hill - all signed deals that run longer than the 20-21 season when Giannis is a free agent.

    So basically, the guys Giannis like playing with, and the core of the playoff team are now signed to deals longer than Giannis. That give Giannis some comfort signing another contract with the Bucks, as the current team will still be in place.

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    Good points Goose. It has been a good offseason thus far. Losing Brogdon is a bit disappointing, but you retain Brook Lopez, Middleton and Hill on multi-year deals. Lopez and Hill very team friendly. In addition, you gain Wes Matthews, Robin Lopez, 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks. Jon Horst is doing a nice job and sets up the possibility for further moves down the line.

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