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Thread: Giannis

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    Harden has been otherworldly on offense but can't affect the game the way Giannis can on both ends of the floor.

    Easy call for me, but I freely admit my bias.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWB View Post
    So many people and players want Harden to get it, why? Because he averages 36.1 pts per game to Giannis' 27.7.

    Harden has taken 1909 shots this season, 1028 of those were threes and had 858 free throw attempts.

    Giannis has taken 1247 shots this season, 203 of those were threes and had 686 free throw attempts.

    Harden might have the scoring title, but he took 662 more shots - 852 more threes and 172 more free throws!

    Not that hard to get the scoring title when you take that many shots!
    Great points Jim. In addition, as MUfan12 said, it is not close on the defensive side of the ball. I really want to see Giannis win his first MVP at 24!

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    I really think that Houston plays better when Harden doesn't try to score 40 or 50. Incredible that he scored over 250 straight points without any of them being assisted.
    When he has the ball, the rest of the team just stops and gets out of his way. Like IWB said, take that many shots and you should average a ton of points.

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