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    GM Survey

    I always find this annual survey interesting. Most impressive, when asked "If starting a franchise today and could sign any player, who would it be?" Giannis finished 1st with 30% of the vote. Other interesting tidbits:

    *Bucks picked to finish 4th in the East
    *Bucks received votes for "most fun team to watch"
    *Giannis 1 of 9 players receiving votes for "MVP"
    *Giannis finished 2nd in voting for "most athletic player" behind Westbrook
    *Giannis finished 2nd in voting for "most versatile player" behind LeBron
    *Giannis voted "best international player in NBA"
    *Giannis received votes for "best perimeter" and "most versatile" defender
    *Giannis received votes for best SF, PF and C in NBA
    *Brook Lopez received votes for "most underrated player acquisition"

    *Brad Stevens surpasses Gregg Popovich for "best coach in NBA"
    *Wes Matthews receiving votes for "active player to make best head coach someday"
    *Jimmy Butler finished 2nd in voting for "best perimeter defender" behind Kawhi Leonard

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    Not surprising, Giannis on the list of "10 Best Players Under Age 25" (also Top 10 overall). Amazing what players are doing at such a young age.

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