With the arrival of good weather, you will find more and more people using metal detectors. In 2016, prospectors were 40,000 on the French territory, all in search of the treasure so hoped for. The main associations of French prospectors are the national association for the detection of leisure, the French association of prospectors and the national federation of the users of metal detectors. These associations hope for a rapprochement between prospectors and archaeologists, a project is currently underway with the Ministry of Culture and archaeological bodies to improve collaboration. Click here to know more about this website https://www.metaldetectorspace.com/best-beginners/.
If you are a history lover and passionate about heritage, the detection is for you.
Attention anyway looking for militaria. This type of research is to be avoided because it involves great risks and each year serious accidents are listed. This is also why detection is prohibited in the departments of the Somme and Oise by prefectural order, because of the presence in the ground of a lot of unexploded shells of the First World War.

Recommendations for use
Before you begin your research, you should check with the archaeological authorities to verify that the intended detection area is pristine. When discovering rare items such as Roman or Gallic coins, you must declare your finds to the competent authorities (archaeological department of the department concerned). Do not worry, your currencies after studying will be returned to you to share with the owner in the case of a sharing agreement between you and the owner. In the event that no sharing agreement has been signed prior to detection, all the finds will return to the owner because according to the case law detection made to the metal detector can not be the result of chance. It is important not to confuse the sharing agreement protocol and the detection authorization:
Exploration Authorization : This is a document signed by the owner of the land that authorizes you to detect on his land.
The protocol of agreement : it is a document that must be jointly signed by the prospector and the owner, in this document must appear the terms of sharing in case of discovery.