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Thread: 2018-19 Bucks Schedule

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    4th street is my 2nd home.

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    SCHEDULING NOTES: The Bucks will play each team in the Eastern Conference four times with the exception of Boston (2 road/1 home), Orlando (2 home/1 away), Philadelphia (2 home/1 away) and Washington (2 road/1 home). Milwaukee will play a home and road game against each Western Conference opponent … SCHEDULE BY MONTH (HOME/ROAD): October (5/2), November (8/6), December (6/8), January (7/8), February (4/7), March (8/8), April (3/2) … SCHEDULE BY DAY OF THE WEEK (HOME/ROAD): Sunday (4/6), Monday (6/7), Tuesday (4/4), Wednesday (8/7), Thursday (4/4), Friday (7/7), Saturday (8/6)
    4th street is my 2nd home.

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    A couple more interesting schedule tidbits:

    *First Christmas Day game since 1977, 11am (central time) @ New York.

    *MLK Day matinee game at the Fiserv Forum against Dallas.

    *18 nationally televised games: ABC-1, ESPN-9 and TNT-8

    *2 marquee days for the Fiserv Forum: December 7-Golden State vs Milwaukee and December 8-UW vs MU

    *2 November home games against Chicago (Jabari Parker)

    *Only 3 games against Eastern Conference favorite Boston

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