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Thread: Excellent D Wade Interview

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    Excellent D Wade Interview

    Great interview with Dwyane Wade. Talks about going to Magic Johnson for business advice, how when he partnered with his friends on a sports bar he lost a lot, but his friends didn't.

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    ...and sporting MU colors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaribouJim View Post
    ...and sporting MU colors!
    I don't think that slacks-sweater combo would hang as well on a body like mine.
    "When March Madness spills into April.... that's the gravy!" - Homer Simpson

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    I thought it's odd that he's affiliated with a sock company, when I thought that him and Lebron had the no sock look.

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    So is he retiring or not? Seems like it as he is talking about business but I haven't seen an official announcement anywhere.

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    Bloomberg TV had the interview yesterday a couple times - DVR'd it, but haven't watched it in its entirety yet - looks like the print version covered most or all of it though.

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