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Thread: Sterling Brown Video

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    Sterling Brown Video

    After watching that footage, I believe all those cops should be fired. Discipline is not enough.

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    All the cops should not be fired. Not sure why there was a case of having five cop cars and seven cops at the scene for over 30 minutes.
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    Doesn't look very good for the Milwaukee PD when it takes about 7 cops to respond to a guy who parked illegally in a handicap parking spot.

    I think if some are not fired there may be issues, and I can really understand the frustration as if Brown was not a Buck, do we even know when this stuff happens?

    Could cost Milwaukee a lot of money.

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    Should he have been tasered, cuffed and arrested? No.

    Bit in so many of these cases, like the video here, the cops ask for an ID many times. The cops ask him to take his hands out of his pockets many times. Why would he not comply?

    If you won't give them your ID when you ask, they start to get concerned that there is a reason why.

    If you won't take your hands out of your pocket when they ask, they will assume the worst, that your pocket contains something illegal or worse, a weapon. That is why they get jumpy and react the way they do.

    The cops went too far, no question, but it all could have been avoided if he parked legally AND complied with their requests. Had he taken his hands out of his pocket and given them his ID right away none of that would have happened.
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    Pretty good item that Mark Belling was reading today from Ald. Bob Donovan
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