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    Quote Originally Posted by Goose85 View Post
    Darvin Ham, the former Bucks energy guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goose85 View Post
    Article on some the roster Budenholzer has with the Bucks, and the need to find help for Giannis.
    Good summary. Bledsoe's situation is interesting. Expiring deal at $15 million. Could the Bucks draft a PG (Brunson, Holiday, Carr), move Brogdon back into the starting lineup and trade Bledsoe to a rebuilding team (looking for expiring contracts) for other pieces?

    IIRC, Teletovic's remaining cap hit could be lifted if he retired and it qualified as a medical retirement. Quite possible they stay fairly status quo (draft pick and mid-level exception) and do more in the summer of 2019.

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    Perfect choice for the job. COY back in 2015. Popovich tree, highly sought after for years in SA. Mixes a solid foundation of X's and O's with being a personable player's coach.

    Offensive scheme varies to players strengths off the Triangle. He will run the Triangle but add wrinkles to take advantage of players strengths. There will be a lot of ball movement. So movement away from the ball will be a must. I can see Giannis in the post within the Triangle. I can also see Parker in the same spot on the block, they can be interchangeable in the half court. Definitely going to need to add weak side shooters to the roster, Middleton is one. Bledsoe doesn't seem to have a reputation as a sniper, which is something you need to create that spacing for the triangle.

    I can see Budenholzer wanting Parker back, the ability to score from any where on the floor will be huge for his offense. Bledsoe might be moved for a couple lesser pieces, but would be perfect fits.

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    Press Conference is today.
    4th street is my 2nd home.

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    I really look forward to seeing what he can do with this team. A new offensive system and defensive system could really be what this group needs.

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    If the Bucks don't win with Bud, will they ever?
    4th street is my 2nd home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MU/Panther View Post
    If the Bucks don't win with Bud, will they ever?
    The same question Packer fans were wondering in the 70's and 80's. Then Bob Harlan brings in Ron Wolf, who hires Mike Holmgren and trades for Brett Favre. Giannis is a bona fide superstar, he will likely finish top 5 in MVP voting at age 23. There is excitement with the new arena and entertainment district.....along with other development in the arena. I think they got the right coach, need to make good decisions in personnel and not strike out on first round draft picks (i.e. Vaughn and quite possibly Wilson).

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