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Thread: OT - Colorado State Opening

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    Remember that she coached the Spurs Summer League team to the championship the summer before last. As far as recruiting, interning under one of the 5 best NBA coaches of all-time (IMO) and the next Olympic coach sure can't hurt in pitching her skills as a coach. Maybe being a coach on that Olympic team too? Not sure how they pick the staff beyond the high profile guys.

    If she was the choice it would seem logical that the program would get more fannies in the seats and more overall coverage for the team. Will be interesting to follow.

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    So if there was a decision to move on from Wojo for some reason, we she be a the top of anybodies list for MU coach?

    People were concerned about Ewing coming from pro to college, and I'd think he likely already has a ton of cred among young kids and aau type guys.

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