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Thread: Malcolm Brogdon

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    Malcolm Brogdon

    Out 6-8 weeks with partial quad tendon tear. Just glad it did not end his season.

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    This team can't catch a break. Last year Middleton comes back the same day Parker goes down.
    Now Parker ready to come back and Brogdon goes down.

    It would be nice to see all the pieces play together for a stretch to see how they mesh and what we likely need to add (in addition to someone who can hit 3 pointers).

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    I don't recall this many quad injuries - maybe Kawhi's injury has shed more light on it.

    Here is a brief tutorial on the quad:

    Are there aspects of a quad tendon injury that make it a tricky one to rehab?

    Stotts: Yeah, because it's an extremely powerful muscle. People have to remember the quadriceps is a muscle group -- it's four muscles, that's where it gets its name from. People tend to forget how much we use our quad, and how important it is to our knee -- for stability, for the ligaments inside, for so much of what we do just on a day-to-day basis involves the quad.

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