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Thread: Marquette Vs American Game Thread

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    Marquette Vs American Game Thread

    Already a bad night, Dicky Simpkins on the mic

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    Howard is pure

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    Harry Frohling makes his first appearance of the night in for Hauser

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    BTW Rowsey is fine

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    American with a grand total of 7 rebounds in the first half.

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    Rowsey with the #thing

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    Sam is so good......Harry showing some of the skills that had the staff excited.

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    9 points 7 rebounds and 4 assists for Harry

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    I thought everyone with the exception of Howard had a really good game tonight. Sam was phenomenal and Rowsey is so good when he shares the ball and doesn’t force things. Really solid production from all 3 bigs. You can see the skills that Harry has...He just needs some time to get in playing shape.

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