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Thread: Jabari Parker

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    I would like to see Jabari stay in Milwaukee, but at a fair price. The Bucks have Parker's "Bird Rights," so they can exceed the cap to sign him. I worry a bit about the chemistry with Giannis in the starting lineup. The Bucks need to add more shooting/scoring around Giannis this offseason. The Bucks' lack of offense against a set defense was exposed in the series against Boston.
    Agree, to win in the NBA you need to have multiple guys that can hit the 3 with relative consistency, and then provide something on the defensive end. I thought Teletovic would be able to at least come off the bench and provide some 3's and some rebounding. Snell with 3's and some solid defense.
    I think Giannis and Brogdan will improve their 3 point shooting, but we need another guy that can hit.

    Hope they figure out the coaching thing soon, so they can then proceed to figure out what on the roster makes sense.
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    I like the Sporting News article I saw today on this topic. The gist of it was that there most likely will not be a huge demand for Jabari in the offseason, and if he gets an offer the Bucks probably should not match. The best solution for both sides is probably a 1 year qualifying offer of about 7.4 million. That would be good for the Bucks because they don't have to offer a huge amount of dollars. It would be good for Jabari because hopefully he can have an injury free year, with another year of recovery, improve on defense, and could go into unrestricted free agency with a full injury free year under his belt.

    Personally, I want the sign and trade route. I don't think Jabari is very good, and the Bucks record when he has been healthy has not been stellar. I would hope to sign him for cheap and flip him for for a 3 and D guard or rim protector. I just think he would be better off elsewhere, and the Bucks would be better moving in a different direction. What I don't want is to lose him for nothing, seeing that the Bucks are not real good at drafting lately. Two of their last four picks are absolute garbage in Vaughn and Wilson.

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    I had heard that no matter what is offered in free agency, the Bucks are not going to match.
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