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Thread: Jabari Parker

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    Early reports are that Parker has improved his outside shooting. That is something this team needs. I still think they need to go out and find a journeyman center who can play 12 - 15 minutes a game and get rebounds and protect the rim. Henson and Maker don't do it for me.
    Hope so. He went from 26% in 15-16 to shooting 37% last season from 3 (before getting injured in February). IMO, you have to surround Giannis with shooters. Middleton and Snell check that box, but Bledsoe is a career 33% shooter from 3 and is shooting only 32% from 3 this season. Bledsoe offers a lot of other positives, so not necessarily knocking him, but the 3 ball is so important in today's NBA. With the amount of time Giannis spends with the ball in his hands, an improved outside shot from Parker would be very helpful.

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    Exciting to hear that Jabari will return this Friday against the Knicks. I am sure there will be rust, but this sure sounds encouraging.

    “He progressed really quickly in the early phases of his rehab, which is really nice," Bucks director of performance Troy Flanagan told the Journal Sentinel. "In the first ACL rehab, he had a fair bit of patellar tendinitis which slowed the whole thing down a little bit even though he did come back reasonably early. We saw a great progression early in this rehab that allowed us to really capitalize on his fitness.

    "He’s faster than he’s ever been, he’s stronger than he’s ever been and he’s leaner than he’s ever been. I’m really happy with how he’s come back and his fitness levels. He’ll still need a little bit more game fitness, but we spent the past six weeks trying to give him as much game play as we possibly could. He’ll progress up in minutes fairly quickly.”

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