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Early reports are that Parker has improved his outside shooting. That is something this team needs. I still think they need to go out and find a journeyman center who can play 12 - 15 minutes a game and get rebounds and protect the rim. Henson and Maker don't do it for me.
Hope so. He went from 26% in 15-16 to shooting 37% last season from 3 (before getting injured in February). IMO, you have to surround Giannis with shooters. Middleton and Snell check that box, but Bledsoe is a career 33% shooter from 3 and is shooting only 32% from 3 this season. Bledsoe offers a lot of other positives, so not necessarily knocking him, but the 3 ball is so important in today's NBA. With the amount of time Giannis spends with the ball in his hands, an improved outside shot from Parker would be very helpful.