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Thread: Big East Schedule coming out on Tuesday!?!

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    But at least they will win some games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MayorBeluga View Post
    It's Paint Touches. They seem to pride themselves on being jagoffs about the program they purport to cover.
    They are one of a number of #mubb observers who while often producing interesting and useful information also engage in a level of snark that seems to appeal to a certain audience segment. I find it off putting but I wouldn't be part of the audience to whom they are appealing.

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    The Hoyas' present plight illustrates how quickly a program can nose dive. It happened to us a few years ago after Buzz left the proverbial cupboard close to bare. But we got lucky and made a great hire to lead the program, so we were only on the trash heap for Buzz's last year and Wojo's first before beginning the climb back to respectability. Whether or not Georgetown and Ewing can do the same remains to be seen.

    The first step is to recruit talented players around whom to build - players like Henry, Haanif, Markus, and Sam. The second step is to create a culture that is based on an outstanding work ethic and positive chemistry. The third step is to be able to actually coach which includes game preparation, in-game adjustments, and player development.

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    Random schedule observation that has nothing to do with the Big East.

    So, MU opens the Maui Invitational with VCU on Monday morning, Nov. 20th. VCU has a huge home game with Virginia on Friday, Nov. 17th. The time is listed TBA but since it's a Friday I think it's safe to assume that will be a night game. So they'll spend most of the day Saturday traveling to Hawaii. One day to rest up, then Monday bright and early tipping off. That's a tough turnaround.

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