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    Irony, defined

    “We want stability, but you don’t want to worry about that to the point that it compromises the quality of the person you hire,” Braun said. “Great people are going to get attracted away, and we need great people here.”

    Clearly, Mark Mone has a 180 degree different view.
    "She would constantly try to throw [Coach Jeter] off and create distractions," said another source who worked in the athletic department and no longer is at UWM. "All the time. It was bad. I felt bad for him all the time. I told him, 'You're a bigger man than I am.' It was brutal. Sabotage was in the cards." -- From the JS story, March 17, 2016

    "Baldwin! Get in here and grovel!" "Right away Ms. B!!"

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    Since it's so quiet on both boards and with the season now less than three months away, I thought this might be an opportune time to ask a question that Fran posed on the other board:

    Just what are your expectations for the coming season?

    Last year, Milwaukee won just eight games in the regular season, a dropoff of 11 wins from the previous year.

    In light of that, I wanted to share with you this statement from an optimistic poster on the Eunuch board in the moments after Rob was fired: "If the new coach doesn't win big -- and I mean right, right away -- Braun should join him on the unemployment line."

    Instead, with no promise of anything more than a middling season and with just two team sports titles to her credit in the last three years, our AD just signed a lucrative two-year contract extension.

    I would be interested to get your thoughts about this development and the state of the program in general.
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