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Thread: Vance Johnson 2017

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    Vance Johnson 2017

    Class of 2017
    Twitter: @Versatility_1
    6'9" 225
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Alma Mater: Midwest Elite Prep Academy
    Current School: Northeast Community College (Nebraska)
    Schools offered: Milwaukee, Kent State, Evansville, UALR, Bradley, Green Bay, New Mexico State
    Link: Verbal Commits
    Link: NJCAA Stats

    Vance Johnson could be the cornerstone scoring forward to build around as LaVall Jordan builds his program. He'll have two years of eligibility remaining. Would be the plug to fill the biggest hole the Panthers have going forward. Would complement Brock Stull very well offensively, as the wings and guards need a strong inside-to-mid-range scorer to pull attention off the three.

    Absolutely explosive vertical game, strong standing dunker. Polished player who knows when to take the ball to the rack and when to take a jump shot. Form on the jump shot is decent, could be a little more straight forward as it looks like he leans back to compensate for putting a bit too much power on the shot. Could be he sweeps his feet forward on the shot, but I think with some coaching he could really find good form for his shooting.

    Can adjust his shots in mid-progression, not something a lot of players have at his age at any level. Has a bevy of post moves and can score with his back to the basket or face up. One of the strongest finishers I've seen from a recruit in quite awhile. When he dunks the ball, you feel like he dunk with power if they moved the hoop a foot higher.

    Handles the ball very well for a post player. Catches the ball at any height and can quickly move it to where he needs it, which as I said is any number of positions for a strikingly wide array of scoring moves. Good on the fast break with or without the ball, and isn't afraid to take a gamble to make a steal in the perimeter if he happens to be there.

    Has good body control and can avoid fouling while still playing strong post defense, but I'd like to see more of him before I make any assessments on his defensive ability.

    Just explosive as hell. He probably fits our roster better than any of the other programs save for maybe Bradley. He'd undoubtedly start at power forward next to the center Brett Prahl. Enjoy his highlight video below:

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    Johnson is on campus for his official visit, BTW

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    Vance Johnson is taking his talents to Bradford Beach!

    Link: Vance Johnson tweet announcing commitment to Milwaukee

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    If you're willing, you can listen to the most excruciating interview ever. I made it 45 seconds in:

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    Vance Johnson texted me to reaffirm his commitment to Milwaukee. Said he really liked Coach Baldwin, "he's a great guy, got me to stay."

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