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Thread: Bucks Attendance

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    Bucks Attendance

    So it was brought up in another thread about attendance, and I decided to look into things a little more to see if things were picking up as the Bucks season goes on and they continue to show promise. For the season the Bucks are averaging 15,345 a game through 18 games, which is roughly 82% of capacity for the BC. However that number is definitely trending up, to me the breaking point of the season was really when we beat the Cavs, so looking at the attendance through the Cavs game which was the first 10 home games we were sitting at 14,897 or 79.5% capacity. Since that game, we have had 8 home games and have averaged 15,906 (85%), and more specifically in our last 5 we have averaged 16,678 (89%) or an additional 1,781 fans more than we did the first 10 games... that may not seem like much, but that is pretty good for MKE being the smallest market in the league. I would imagine as the season goes on this average will continue to rise because the Bucks are showing promise.
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    17,423 for the Bucks vs OKC game. Odd night. Very good crowd.
    March Madness starts in November

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    Milwaukee is an interesting city. It seems for the most part people make up their mind early in the season if they will buy tickets. I've seen this over my lifetime with the Brewers.
    You better be good early, or it takes a lot for the ticket buying public to jump back in line at the ticket window.

    There is a buzz in Milwaukee about the Bucks. Step one is people are watching NBA games on TV. It's been a long time since I looked forward to the next Bucks game.

    Glad to hear there are fans starting to show up. I was at the Cavs game and it felt more like a college atmosphere than pro. Of course Lebron was playing.

    Hope they can get to the point where we are selling some games out. I really think a good year this season will result in the Bucks being a must ticket next year.

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    From what I hear the OKC game was a similar atmosphere. The BC is a great place to play when there is good games going on, I remember back in the day when the Bucks were rolling with Allen, Robinson, & Cassell the BC was a lot of fun to be at.
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    Thanks for the info MKE_GoldenEagleFan. There is a short video on the Bucks website with the players talking about noticing the increased crowd support. Players and coaches always say it really helps. I think Wojo and the MU players noticed it for the Georgetown game as well.

    Sporting News ranked the BC the loudest venue in the NBA back in 2001...during the Big 3's run to the Eastern Conference Finals. I was at MU at the time, went to a couple of the playoff games, great times. Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin are great sports fans, they just want a respectable product if they are going to pay. For too long, the Bucks have been acquiring veterans, just below All-Star level (like Monta Ellis), to be the best player and fight for the 8th seed. Then that veteran player would leave in free agency and it would be back to square one. The Bucks are finally doing it the right way.

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    The Bucks also seem to be pretty good at taking care of those that have supported the team (people that have had season or partial season packages). Pretty reasonable when you compare the prices at numerous other NBA facilities.

    I have a friend who has first row second deck seats (partial seasons) and his price per game is far less than my price per game for MU tickets (granted my tickets are in the lower level).

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    The new 10 win package they put out may help too, pretty creative and fun for fans too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MKE_GoldenEagleFan View Post
    The new 10 win package they put out may help too, pretty creative and fun for fans too!

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    18,717 vs Knicks, sell-out
    March Madness starts in November

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    15,311 on Sunday against the Wizards, I would say that's pretty good to be close to average on a Sunday that the Packers play.
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