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Thread: Henry & The NBA Draft

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    Henry & The NBA Draft

    I have no idea who this guy is or what his real qualifications are, but one thing I know: the Ellensons are not going to like it if this is anywhere close to what transpires. Personally, I still think Henry is a lottery pick. But I do understand this guy's perspective.

    I am sure the Ellensons did their due diligence before hiring an agent, and I am guessing they received reassurances about Henry's draft status.

    We shall see. I just thought others would find this interesting.

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    Every reputable mock draft site has Henry around 20 at worst. I would be shocked if he dropped to 44. Of course, two of his top 20 (Anunoby and Rabb) have said they're coming back.

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    He certainly is playing the part of the contrarian with more than a few players.

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    There is a 0% chance that this happens.

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    Any mock draft that has Jordan Fouse going ahead of Henry Ellenson is not worth taking seriously (and I say that as a huge fan of Fouse).

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