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Thread: Braun on 105.7

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    'Hawk, you're only upset about the firing and the way it was handled because you're a close, personal friend of Rob Jeter's.

    You just need to take a step back, look at the carefully mapped-out strategic plan and focus on values.

    I'm sure that the program will have double the donations and triple the attendance by the start of next year.

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    LOL. Jeter probably wouldn't pick me out of a crowd of 4. I was not even very active in the last 5 or 6 years (kids and all). I am pissed because I hate liars, and a liar is running my alma matter's Athletic Department. Jeter's firing is kinda a "oh well" thing for me. Not even a small part of my issue. HOW SHE ACTS AND HER LIES ARE!!!
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    Cross Posting from the Eunuch Board:

    For those of you on here who are totally NOT part of the AD, and/or Braun's buddies, let me make this perfectly clear because I think it is necessary.
    • I know all about Jeter's record. That "progress report" is all public information, and none of it is "news" or "new"
    • I am not very upset over the fact that Jeter was fired. NOT AT ALL
    • I am NOT Rob Jeter's friend, or even friendly with him. I met him a handful of times, all at donor events where I was not even close to the biggest fish in the room. My total time conversing with him in my entire life is about 15 minutes, if that.
    • I hold nothing against Coach Vall at all. HE has done nothing to deserve any negative feedback, and I have never given any in public, or in private. I wish him the very best.
    • I am upset because many people whom I trust, including players, members of the media, and high profile members of the community have independently stated on the record that Braun is a liar, a manipulator, and has no ethical code at all. They are not ambiguous with these allegations, and offer many specifics that, to date, have NOT been refuted with facts and documentation. The ONLY response from AB and her surrogates is to repeat the "they are just friends of Jeter" and dismiss the allegations outright.

      If you want me, and MANY others like me, back in the fold you need to do some very basic things:
    1. Provide evidence that refutes all the allegations made to date about lies and unethical behavior. (i.e. proof that donors were informed of how they donations were to be used, proof that every possible effort was made by the AD to provide resources and fill needs for the MBB team (and I don't mean just "we spent x" either...I want specific examples and a lot of them.))
    2. Provide detailed documentation of all donations in the oft repeated $1 million amount, INCLUDING how much of that was Admirals/Turer money intended for the benefit of the Admirals AND how much are "pledges" that have not and may never become actual money.
    3. Provide concrete documentation that there were NOT sufficient funds available to retain Dee Dee Merritt in her valuable role and reconcile that there WERE funds available for a buy-out of $500k simultaneously, along with the addition of staff to the AD (admin assistants) and raises for current staff. This flat out stinks and has every appearance of a purge of a backer of Jeter from the staff by a vindictive AD. PROVE it was other than that.
    4. Explain why NOTHING was done to alleviate the current practice space issue. DO NOT MENTION THE NEW FACILITY. I want to know why the CURRENT FACILITIES were not made available to the team as often as as exclusively as necessary for the last 3 years. Explain why Ultimate Frisbee can kick a D1 Men's Basketball program, and the flagship team of UWM, off of the practice court and NO ONE IN THE AD addresses it.
    5. Answer all questions openly and publicly with out derision and/or dismissal, using FACTS supported by EVIDENCE. If I am wrong, you d*mn well better prove it to me, and not just "tell" me. I DO NOT TRUST BRAUN AT ALL. HER WORD IS WORTHLESS TO ME. GIVE ME EVIDENCE OR GO AWAY.

      There? Are we clear now why I, and many others, are so pissed off? Do you get it now? The firing is barely a part of it, and most of us have NO PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Jeter or any of the coaching staff.
    Class of 1998
    Lubar School of Business - BBA Management Information Systems
    Formerly known as Nighthawk
    The Dark Hawk arose in a time of great turmoil to fight for truth, justice and the Panther way.

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    On another note, while I realize this board is in UWM colors, it is basically impossible to read with the gray background and the black text. Just sayin

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkHawkReturns View Post
    Cross Posting from the Eunuch Board:

    For those of you on here who are totally NOT part of the AD, and/or Braun's buddies, let me make this perfectly clear...
    Are there all that many folks on that board who aren't part of the AD and/or Braun's buddies?

    Good questions, but i suspect you won't get any more answers now than when you asked the questions the first time...
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    I expect answers to these questions at roughly the same time that Mone Mouse comes out from under his desk.

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    Far too busy to listen to sports radio on a Thursday but it sounds from these reports like they have settled on the false narrative that the people raising questions are simply personal friends of Rob Jeter's as the go-to response to everything. In a word, that's crap. I literally don't even know what city Rob lives in, and never have.

    Bluntly what disturbs me most of all -- far more even than the possibility that my small donations were used in whatever small part to execute this debacle -- is that I think it's irrefutable that our AD made decisions that directly affected our players and our success (e.g. no summer trip, no post-season tourney) that had no real purpose other than to clear the path for this result. I will never forgive that. I think taking actions against the interest of student-athletes for that reason should disqualify a person from that position.

    I think LaVall Jordan is a nice guy. I wish him well. But if I were advising one of our players with a transfer option, I would be very hard pressed not to say "go."

    Fool me once, shame on you...
    "She would constantly try to throw [Coach Jeter] off and create distractions," said another source who worked in the athletic department and no longer is at UWM. "All the time. It was bad. I felt bad for him all the time. I told him, 'You're a bigger man than I am.' It was brutal. Sabotage was in the cards." -- From the JS story, March 17, 2016

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    To coattail on the above post, I'm really tired of this Braun vs. Jeter rigmarole, as if Rob was somehow damaging the program.

    For over three years, the real narrative was Braun (and for the last however many months, Mone) against the program.

    That type of behavior is truly unforgivable.

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