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    by Published on 01-16-2012 11:34 PM
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    Today, the Milwaukee Panthers menís basketball team will be practicing at the Klotsche Center on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in preparation for their road trip to Ohio. It is a pivotal week for the program, as two victories puts us at 8-1 and one full game up on the next best competition if Valparaiso also wins its games.

    Itís an extremely important point of the season, and it will test all the preparation that the coaching staff and players put into the week of practice.

    Itís just too bad that it has to take place in the worst facilities situation in Division I.

    Now, when I say ďfacilities situation,Ē I donít mean that the Panthers have the worst facilities of all 350+ teams in NCAAís Division I. I mean that in addition to extremely substandard facilities, the Milwaukee Panthers have the worst practice situation in D-I.

    Let me paint you a picture.

    A basketball ...
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