• Marquette Basketball - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    MU ranked #18 in the AP Poll.....well, that was quick.

    After last night's loss at Georgetown, Marquette fans were left shaking their heads. I know the cliche has been way over used, but this season, like many other in the history of Marquette basketball has been filled with many moments that ranged from good, to bad, to ugly. Last night's loss to Georgetown can be filed under the ugly category. What exactly was ugly?

    The Ugly

    • 19 turnovers - The Golden Eagles have been ranging from the upper single digits to the low teens, but last night's total of 19 was ugly. Now turnovers will occur during every game, but several of the 19 were unforced. Poor passing at the top of the offense. Those are/were some of the ugliest, mainly because they usually turned into layups for the Hoyas. Oddly, every single player to log minutes for MU last night recorded a turnover.

    • Rebounds - Marquette lost the battle of the boards last night 30-26. What is worse, is the fact that MU only grabbed 7 offensive rebounds. That is 7 on 26 missed shots.

    • Fouls - 22 total fouls for MU. 5 on Juan Anderson, 4 on Chris Otule. I will back off on Juan because, what appeared to be Juan's worst foul looked more like a great set up. Since the broadcast would not show a replay of it, I rewound and watched it a few times. As the ball was coming in, Anderson started running towards the baseline and the G'Town player guarding him started running too. As the two were running, the G'Town player came to a complete stop, and Juan ran him over. In real time it looked like Juan was running recklessly down the lane. In slow-mo, there was no question that Juan was played the fool.
    The Bad

    • Officials - You can't help but start out with the officiating. Karl Hess, Joe Lindsay, Bryan Kersey were a terrible crew last night, but that is nothing new. No, I am not drinking the kool-aid here, as they were equally bad for both teams, but they were in fact bad. Shooters get hacked and post players get mugged with no calls, yet the slightest movement on a screen and you may as well be charged with assault. As long as they were bad equally for both teams it is even, but control the game, make consistent, real calls and it will be a better game all around. And Lindsay's T on Buzz Williams? Sure, Buzz was fired up, but it was quick, without warning, and nothing you don't see from coaches every night of the week. And for what its worth, Buzz was right to argue.

    • Jabril Trawick - How he recorded only 3 fouls is a mystery, but his cheap shot on Chris Otule was over the line. Why that was simply a foul and not a Level 2 technical is beyond me. If refs can look at a replay for an elbow, why can they not when a 6'11, 300 lb player gets leveled? No question it was intentional. Trawick should have been T'd up.

    • Defensive Breakdowns - MU does a great job of applying the pressure in the full court and up top in the half court. They frustrated Georgetown many times, but too often the pressure led to breakdowns under the hoop leading to easy baskets for the Hoyas. I love the way MU pressures the ball, but if they are going to keep that up, they will need to protect the basket.

    • Jekyll & Hyde - There is no question that this team goes as Junior Cadougan goes. If Junior is in his rhythm, this team rolls. When he is in a funk, it rubs off. The same can be said about Davante Gardner. When the game slows down, Davante slows down and becomes ineffective. Buzz Williams mentioned this after the DePaul game and it showed last night. 17 mins, 2 points, 2 rebounds.

    • Outcome - The most frustrating part of the game was the outcome. Yes, they lost. Teams lose games. The part that was frustrating is that it appeared throughout the game that Marquette could have taken control at any given point. Yes, teams go on runs, but too often MU lets their opponent go on runs. They needed someone to step up to stop the bleeding, and no one did. The Golden Eagles could have returned from DC with a top 25 win, but they let it slip away, time and time again.

    The Good

    • Chris Otule - CO2 has come full circle in the last stretch of games. Last night he racked up 11 points and 3 blocks in 20 minutes of play. He has become a force inside. Not just from a production standpoint. Many will look at his rebounding and say, "ONE?!?!" But Chris has an effect on the opponent's offense every time he is in the game. Sealing off players for rebounds, preventing the drive to the hoop - If there can be an award for most improved at mid-season, Otule is my pick.

    • Jamil Wilson - Just look at the numbers from last night....3-4 from the field, 2-2 form three, 5-5 from the free throw line. 13 points, 4 rebounds. Wilson needs to play that way all the time. No dumb fouls early, be aggressive on offense and go hard. I know it is tough for a happy-go-lucky personality to develop the meanstreak, but Jamil Wilson needs to switch gears and soon, play like he did last night - every night, his team needs him.

    • Buzz' T - No, a technical foul is never a good thing, and it came at a bad time as it ruined some momentum, but I feel it is important to show your team that you are in the trenches fighting with them, and hopefully that woke some of the players up to realize just how critical each and every possession is.

    When you look at the big picture, many did not think this Marquette team would be an NCAA team this year. Lost too much, no real studs on the roster....saying MU had been to 7 straight NCAA tourneys has been great, but all good things must come to an end. Well, here they are in mid February, and they are tied for second in the Big East. Keep working and in another month fans will be proud to say that MU has been to 8 straight NCAA tourneys.

    Up next: #16 Pitt

    MU will have their work cut out for them on Saturday when they host #16 Pitt. They will be honoring the 10th anniversary of the 2003 Final Four team. Game is on CBS, 1:00.

    Last week MU ranked #5 on the home court winning streak list. But after Southern Miss fell to Memphis at home in Hattiesberg ending their streak at 23, MU moves into 4th place. With Colorado State hosting San Diego State this Wednesday, MU could take over the #3 spot if they can get it done against Pittsburgh, of the Iscariot wing.

    1) Syracuse 37 - next home game vs Providence 2/20
    2) South Dakota State 28 - next home game vs IUPUI Thursday
    3) Colorado State 26 - next home game vs #22 San Diego State Wednesday
    4) Marquette 22 - next home game vs #16 Pitt on Saturday
    5) Iowa State 20 - next home game vs TCU on Saturday
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