• 2012 target Matt Tiby decides

    Milwaukee Panthers potential recruit Matt Tiby has decided on his destination for the 2012-13 season. It's just not the destination anyone thought he would take.

    Instead of heading to Milwaukee, UTSA or South Dakota, Matt Tiby will remain at Kirkwood Community College for another year to work on his basketball skills.

    The 6'8'', 225 lb. power forward's decision paves the way for Milwaukee to commit to recruiting 6'10'' center Farho Alihodzic full-time. The center, who played this season at Southeastern until the campaign was canceled, played with Jordan Aaron and committed to that juco because of the presence of a point guard like Aaron. With Aaron in the fold in Milwaukee, Alihodzic may be leaning towards the Black and Gold.

    As for Tiby, the Panthers will likely drop out of recruiting him. Tiby came to Milwaukee last weekend for a recruiting visit, and seemingly fit well with the team. However, he made his decision known on Twitter during a discussion with potential collegiate player Jerel Rose. When Rose asked him where he was going next year, Tiby said, "kwood still, gonna stay nd work on some more skill stuff and get better hbu?"

    Milwaukee has three scholarships remaining for the 2012 class. They are likely to take two more players and a transfer. The top targets now are Alihodzic and point guard Trivante Bloodman, who visited last weekend with Tiby.